Swaddling bags
to cover and soothe your babies

✔ 100% organic and ethical cotton
✔ Practical and physiological
✔ Approved by health professionals

The result of long development work, our swaddlers are designed to provide your babies with a real cocoon of softness and soothing

Tante Reine - Emmailloteuses - Icone somme apaisé

Comfort and serenity

Swaddling provides immediate soothing,
for a soft and serene sleep.
Tante Reine - gigoteuse d'emmaillotage -Icone check

Easy to use

A simple zip allows you to swaddle your baby efficiently
your baby safely and effectively.
Tante Reine - gigoteuse d'emmaillotage - Icone Bio

Organic and ethical

Made from organic cotton and GOTS or OEKO TEX certified, our products respect your baby's delicate skin.
The swaddling

A concept designed to reproduce the cocoon of the mother's womb

Our swaddling bags have been designed to ensure a physiological position, maintain body temperature, and provide safe sleep.

Validated by health professionals, they are recommended from 0 to about 3 months until your baby can turn over.

Your baby will rediscover the sensations in utero, and will feel soothed and contained.

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Quality and durability

Our aim is to offer you a quality product, manufactured with the greatest care and respect for our planet.
Swaddlers that will stand the test of time and can be passed on for generations.

↣ 100% European suppliers

↣ Family workshop, on a human scale

↣ Organic cotton fabrics labelled GOTS or OEKO TEX

↣ Validated by health professionals
(general practitioner, pediatrician and midwife)
They tested it
I discovered the Tante Reine swaddling bag and I always recommend it to the parents of my patients to soothe their babies in their first months of life
— Marie V., paediatrician in Le Mans.
Very good product. I recommend this cocoon swaddle. It is easy and quick to put on.
— Clotilde D.
I have just tested this solution on my daughter, it is so much easier than wrapping her in a nappy! Simple, effective, and pretty
— Constance B.
The shape of the product respects the physiology of the baby, the upper body is maintained, the lower body is free, I recommend it to all new mothers!
— Pauline B., midwife in Douai
With this sleeping bag, the Moro reflex is reduced and falling asleep is made easier
— Valentine F.
After 2 months of testing, there is no doubt that this product is very effective in soothing my son, especially during his colic periods
— Coralie L.
How nice it is to have a mini baby that you put down and fall asleep by itself in its bassinet. That's thanks to swaddling.
— Victoire S.

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